Frog stands for "Fresh Reservoir Oxy Generator".  It's one giant leap pool care.  It's eco and family friendly.  Customers say FROG stands for more family fun because it automatically does most of the pool care for them.  They swim, while FROG keeps their pool water pure and fresh.  No smelly fumes, no red eyes, just set it and forget it.


Option # 1

The No Chlorine Way

  • Independent testing has shown the minerals in the FROG Reservoir with the "rotational" flow pattern eliminates almost all pool bacteria on contact - at twice the rate of other mineral systems!  Supplement the bacteria fighting job of the minerals by pouring a non chloine product such as Oxy-Gen Plus from New Water into your pool.  It's safe and insurance against any remaining bacteria.  Your pool is bacteria free - without chlorine!

Option # 2

The Low Chlorine Way

  • If having fun is your first priority, and spending as little maintenance time as possible, set and forget FROG with the Mineral Reservoir but, with this option, place the prefilled Low Chlor Pac inside the FROG reservoir.   Use the chlorine as your bacteria fighting back up instead of pouring Oxy-Gen Plus into your pool.  The minerals in the Reservoir do the bulk of bacteria elimination reducing the need for chlorine to an absolute minimum.
  • This option is very cost effective and a convenient way of reducing chlorine use and hassle.  Set the valve on the Frog Cycler and its does the water purifying automatically while you and your family experience an endless summer.


Dissecting the FROG

  • The FROG hardware is three parts in one.  First, the Frog Cycler serves as a "water treatment center" and controls the flow of water.  Second, inside Cycler is a FROG Reservoir that's removable and holds the minerals.  Third, inside the FROG Reservoir is a PAC.  Which Pac you choose, of course, depends on whether you want a no chlorine or a low chlorine solution.  Either way, it's all nested together in one complete unit. 

  • No extra plumbing.  No extra headaches.  And no electricity (since nature doesn't use electricity to purify water why should we). 



Why Use Minerals To Freshen Your Pool

  • Frog does the same job in a pool that minerals do in a wilderness water.  it makes the water feel softer and sparkling clean.  In fact, put FROG to the test.  On a hot day, dip your head under water and take a look around.  You can actually see what FROG's been doing while you've been playing - crystal clear pool.

  • Some FROG minerals are better at fighting bacteria, others fight algae.  So with FROG there's a one two punch - bacteria elimination and algae prevention.  FROG's minerals also help keep your pool's pH balanced by acting as a neutralizer.  



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