OMNI Synergy Program

Large Pool Car Box -

two containers of Synergy Tabs, 5.5 lbs each

and ten containers of Synergy Clear.


Small Pool Care Box -

one container of Synergy Tabs, 5.5 lbs 

and five containers of Synergy Clear.



OMNI Synergy Clear

Synergy Clear - 1 lb -

 A once a week treatment.  

 Add based on the size of your pool. 






OMNI Synergy Tabs


Synergy Tabs - 5.5 lbs -

 Check every couples days and make sure you

 have tablets in your chemical feeder.







OMNI Synergy INT


Synergy Initiator - 12.5 lbs -

Initiates pools for Synergy System.  A once a year

treatment.  Add at the beginning of your pool season.


Start Up:

1)  Add 12.5 lbs. per 10,000 gallons of SYNERGY Initiator into skimmer and let water circulate for 4-8 hours.  Do not backwash for 48 hours after this point.

2)  After waiting 4-8 hours, add 10-15 SYNERGY Tabs to the chlorine feeder and place feeder into the water.  (If chlorine feeder is a floating feeder, place in water to float freely, if it is not a floating feeder, place into skimmer.)

3)  Directly after adding the SYNERGY Tabs, add SYNERGY Clear.  (See chart below for amount.)



Weekly Maintenance:

1)  Brush and vacuum pool once a week.

2)  Test the water 1-2 times a week to make sure all levels are correct. 

            -pH should test between 7.4-7.6.

            -Chlorine should range between 1.0-1.5ppm.





Check chlorine feeder every         3-4 days.

If SYNERGY Tabs are gone or almost gone, add 10-15 more.


Once a week.

18’X33’ pools add 1 bottle



16’X32’ pools add 1 bottle



27’ pools add 1 bottle



24’ pools add ¾ bottle



21’ pools add ½ bottle



18’ pools add ½ bottle



15’ pools add ½ bottle


If chlorine level tests too low and needs a quick boost, add an additional dose of SYNERGY Clear that week.  If chlorine level is consistently low, open the floating chlorinator more, or cut more holes into non-floating chlorinator.



1)  Brush and vacuum pool.

2)  Be sure all levels are correct and water is clear.

3)  Add Winter Care Winterizing Kit.  (This contains a winter algaecide and winter shock).

4) Winterize pool. 

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